Interconnected in the Creator's Universe

Personal and Planetary Transformation Now
Sandra Kamiak, M.D.

Sandra Kamiak,M.D., offers an inspirational journey about body- mind-spiritual healing, in unity, for all of mankind, in oneness with all of the Earth, as we are about to transition to a higher level of consciousness, in harmony with Spirit and the Galactic Center (Beyond 2012). Transformative guidance is offered for spiritual, mind- body healing in preparation for our Earth's transition to a higher dimension of existence. Healing tools for this journey include visualizations, homeopathy, and psychosynthesis, as well as inclusive spiritual resources. New, cutting edge, vibrational/energetic concepts in transformative healing, are also highlighted, with references to holographic-sound-wave-DNA-photon-quantum theory. Are you ready?

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THE AUTHOR MAINTAINS A clinical body-mind-spirit healing and wellness practice in the San Francisco Bay Area, near San Jose, Ca. She continues the practice of classical homeopathy, transpersonal and transformative counseling, whole food nutrition work, while also exploring new energetic healing modaliites and spiritual frontiers in service to humanity and the Earth.

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