Addiction and Codependency Treatment

    What is addiction?

    S. Peele describes this condition as being: "Any experience that gives an illusion of control or power and temporary feelings of well-being and is repeatable (or) predictable, can be an addiction."

  • Addiction is also a spiritual predicament and, as such, provides a vehicle for transcendence and growth. Since addictions reside within the physical, emotional, and mental areas of the personality, each of these aspects of a person require attention.
  • Another approach or way of understanding how to work with addiction is through coming to the realization that:

Addiction = Attachment = Control (ego)

And, then recognizing that the way out of this dilemma is to be found through the cultivation of detachment.

Acceptance => Surrender => Detachment

To find support groups and further information concerning addiction and codependency, you may find the following organizations helpful: