Holistic Healing

Holistic Health Care

Welcome to the world of holistic healing. The concept that "the whole is more than the sum of the parts," is not new; there is a higher level of integration and synthesis that exists in nature and in each living being. When we view, operate and experience life from this state of Oneness in a complex system (whether that system is a person, a plant, a dog, a family or a nation) life takes on a new meaning. We can then soar into realms of self-healing and higher-level wellness.

Key Overview Concepts

  • Our physical body is an amazing vehicle with many interconnected components and functions.

  • But, our emotions, thoughts, environment and even our ability to connect to higher levels of spiritual or diving knowledge, love, wisdom and power, are included in this domain of holistic healing.

  • More and more, people are looking for holistic or alternative-complementary-integrative doctors or practitioners for themselves or their families.

So What is Holistic Healing?

  • Holistic refers to the whole integrated unit or system.

  • A pain in the knee or hip may be due to trouble with the feet or a misalignment while one is walking. And, if we are suddenly scared by something, like an earthquake, an intruder or even a loud noise, adrenalin shoots forth into the blood stream to prepare us to go into a state of This is an automatic, ancient survival reaction, but too much ongoing life stress can take a huge toll on one's health over time.

  • In healing or medical use, it implies that the body, the emotions and the mind are all connected and each symptom must be considered in relation to the whole person.

Our Connections

  • We have a nervous system links our thoughts, sensations, emotions, perceptions and actions with our endocrine system (which regulates hormones that are made, for example, from the thyroid gland, insulin from the pancreas, etc.) and the immune system (which is our internal defense system against foreign agents entering our bodies.)

  • We can also positively affect these systems of the body by consciously bringing in calming and healing states of mind through many different practices (with music, yoga, meditation, prayer, color, visualization, biofeedback, and other spiritual or energetic Eastern or Western practices.)

  • We are vibrational beings that have unique signatures, from our DNA structure to our soul's purpose.

  • We interact with our environment and it interacts with us; are you radiating joy or grungy energy today?

Wellness is a Key Goal

  • Wellness is a key goal in holistic healing, as is self-empowerment and responsibility for one's life and health. Essentially, all healing is self-healing!

  • We must have the willingness, open-mindedness and intention to do our part when we visit a physician or health care/healing practitioner. Physicians can review one's medical history, evaluate health problems, order tests, suggest integrative healing treatments or set up referrals if needed. And some people may have been born with genetic pre-dispositions toward certain illnesses, or they may have been raised in abusive or trying situations.

  • But, there is also a spark of the divine within each of us and we are not victims. There is an essential life force or intelligence within us that knows how to heal. We may need a little push in the right direction or sometimes a lot of support for quite some time.

  • True healing engages the highest spirit of compassion, love, cooperation, acceptance, and honor for each individual's life journey.

  • Lastly, holistic healing and wellness will include finding balance between the various roles one has with their family, work, exercise, relaxation, reflective inner life, outer social life, or in service to others. When we are not limited by health problems or symptoms (whether that is a state of mind or a chronic ulcer) we can more fully express our creativity, passion for life or our highest purpose in being on this planet.