Best Homeopathy Doctor in Saratoga

Best Homeopathy Doctor

Dr. Sandra is not your usual doctor. She has an MD, specialized training in psychosynthesis and psychiatry, and is also a highly qualified homeopathic doctor. She has many publications to her credit and is a well-known speaker on medical and psychiatric issues.

Dr. Kamiak believes that homeopathic medicine, with its focus on curing people of their ailments by treating the cause of the disease, rather than just treating the symptoms, provides the most effective method of both treating medical conditions as well as maintaining physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. Homeopathic medicines are made from natural substances, not artificial ones created in a laboratory. This means that besides providing very effective medical care, the risks of medication-related sired effects are almost non-existent.

Homeopathy Medicine

Homeopathy is not a magic bullet that cures all diseases. It is a trusted and proven system of medicine that works on sound scientific principles. That means that when it is the patient’s interest, homeopathic treatment can be combined with traditional medicine to provide the most effective cure. Because of her knowledge and qualifications in both traditional medicine and homeopathy, Dr. Kamiak is uniquely placed to diagnose and treat her patients with the sole objective of returning them to good health. The absence of biases and prejudices means that the focus is purely on the patient’s wellbeing.


Psychosynthesis is an advanced form of psychiatry that promotes mental and spiritual growth and wellness. By combining homeopathy and psychosynthesis, Dr. Kamiak is offering her patients not just effective treatment for their aliments but a path to all-round wellness that improves their quality of life, professionally, personally, socially, and which gives them the internal resources to build strong and lasting relationships on all levels. Among the various issues that psychosynthesis effectively deals with are:

  • - Moving to the next step in resolving an old negative thought / emotional pattern
  • - Subpersonality or imagery work
  • - Seeking the higher self
  • - Integration of the personality with spiritual purpose and love

Dr. Kamiak continues to study new safe Energy Medicine (Body/Mind/Spirit) healing methods, such as B.A.H. Innovative Medicine, DNA resonance and heart-centered approaches that open up paths to a wholesome approach to healing both the personal and the transpersonal self.

Dr. Kamiak is a well-known speaker/teacher on various medical and psychiatric matters, is affiliated with various leading medical associations and bodies and her work has been referenced in various highly respected publications. She is also a published author in her own right.

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