"I was suffering from several emotional problems including depression and anxiety and was going through a divorce...I went to see Dr Kamiak and she helped me a great deal...in fact, in my opinion, she went far beyond what I had expected.

I had never tried any holistic or homeopathic remedy treatments before but found Dr Kamiak to be informative and very kind.

I found her very helpful in that she used a COMBINATION of treatments for me including holistic and orthodox medicine.

Her office is beautiful and she was very uplifting for me...I recommend her wholeheartedly!"

- George P., Santa Clara, CA.

“I’ve entrusted the care of myself and my family to Dr. Kamiak for over decade now. As a result, we have all learned how to manage ailments as they come up by care at home with nutritional supplements or talking with Dr. Kamiak and benefiting from her knowledge of remedies. I love the fact my teenage boys know what to do for themselves when are ill or have seasonal allergies.”

- Barbara S.

"Dr. Sandy has been my homeopath, psychiatrist and spiritual advisor through a very difficult period of time for me. I believe that her homeopathy has spurred long term dramatic changes in my life. She encouraged me to resume my meditation practice which led me almost directly to meeting Amma and an ensuing enlightenment experience. She has helped me focus on being fully aware of and compassionate to all my emotions and thoughts. She is great guide for those seeking to be present, calm and centered."

- Dave M.

“I have worked with Dr. Sandy as my homeopath, for the last 18 years. From the original Issue I went to her for- her guidance, intuitive recommendations, and skill- it has all been like a ball of yarn unfolding. So much change in my life. Diabetic type 1 for the last 52 years and onward! Thank you Dr. Kamiak for teaching me and giving me new Hope.”

- T.R.

“I have been seeing Dr. Sandy for about 8 years. I first started seeing her for colds and flu support. Then I was diagnosed with the beginning stage of lupus. I was put on a homeopathic medicine by Dr. Sandy to support my immune system. It has been amazing, watching and learning how this type of auto -immune disease can be treated without regular medication at this point. My body has done well with the remedy and it is keeping symptoms of lupus at bay! I love the Standard Process nutrition support as well! So grateful to you Doc Sandy!"

- Marlene.